Baka baka pepparkaka / Gingerbread goodies

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It was so fun to make the following cards. :D I got inspired by someone (can´t remember who though) that used Tingturas bubbly frame and painted it brown. It made me think of gingerbread dough. :P

The first card is inspired by sketch #29 that you can find at Friday Sketchers

Both frame and gingerbread man is colored with ProMarker Burnt Sienna. I think it´s just perfect for gingerbread :D

The next card is inspired by Kazan´s sketch #14 at 2 Sketches 4 you. I just love those sketches!

I just LOVE my new dollar bin CC dies that arrived the other day, they are so cute! And my 3-year old son loves them too, he´s in love with everything that is gingerbread cookies at the time. :D

Of course all stamps are from :D

Postat av: Cajsa

Så snyggt! Det ser gott ut också! :D

2008-11-28 @ 10:20:32
Postat av: rae

Gorgeous Copic work here... wow, the colors are so vivid! Fabulous take on Kazan's 2s4y sketch this week!

2008-11-28 @ 12:58:22
Postat av: Therese

SNYGGA!! såååå snygga kicki!!

2008-11-28 @ 13:03:28
Postat av: Kazan Clark

Wow both your cards are gorgeous. I love how fun and bright they are AND super creative too



2008-11-28 @ 22:42:10
Postat av: Anonym

These are adorable! Love all your little gingerbread men!

2008-11-29 @ 04:46:38
Postat av: Rosanne

What fun cards!

2008-11-29 @ 05:33:26
Postat av: Mia

Superläckra kort!!! Ville bara kika in för att önska en trevlig första advent!


2008-11-30 @ 11:58:57

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